This guide will walk you through how to connect your Pinecone account to Mantium

Pinecone is a fully-managed vector database service that allows for efficient similarity search. It's designed to handle large-scale, high-dimensional vector data, making it ideal for machine learning applications. Pinecone allows users to easily index vectors, then perform efficient similarity searches on those vectors. This is particularly useful for tasks like recommendation systems, personalization, image search, and more.

In the context of Mantium, Pinecone is used to store the vector representations of documents. When a document is uploaded to Mantium, it's preprocessed and transformed into a high-dimensional vector using an embedding transformation. This vector is then stored in Pinecone. When a user wants to retrieve a document, they can query Pinecone for the most similar vectors (i.e., the most relevant documents), making the retrieval process fast and efficient.

Create a Pinecone account

To connect your Mantium account to Pinecone - a vector database service optimized for handling embeddings, you need to first create an account with Pinecone using this guide, if you haven't.

Connect Mantium to Pinecone

After completing the setup process including creating an API key, and Index, the next step is to connect it with your Mantium account using the following steps.

  1. Navigate to Connectors on the left navigation pane.
  2. Select Pinecone under Destinations.
  3. Fill in the form by providing a Connector name, and then copy your API Key from your Pinecone profile and paste it into the designated field.
  4. Click the Save button to complete the process.
Pinecone connector