Setup Connector Accounts

Creating Accounts for Destination and Integrations

In order to create API Keys with our connectors of destinations and integrations, you must first have an account with each.

Below you will find links to account creation with all of our currently-supported providers. Currently, we support OpenAI(LLM Integration) and Pinecone(data destination).

Providers that grant instant access are highlighted in green and those that require joining a waitlist are highlighted in orange.

OpenAI (LLM Integration)

OpenAI is a large language model (LLM) provider that you can integrate with your Mantium account to perform a number transformations in the platform.

OpenAI API Key



  • Visit

  • Sign up for an account, if you haven't

  • To view the API keys, click on your profile at the top right corner.

OpenAI Profile

OpenAI Profile


Set OpenAI Usage Limit

To manage your spending, configure usage limits to help you stay within budgets. Follow the steps below;

  • In your OpenAI profile, navigate to Billing, and click on Usage Limits
  • Ensure to set a Hard and Soft Limit based on your use case.
  • Click on the Save button!

Pinecone (Data Destination)

Pinecone is a vector database service optimized for handling embeddings. It offers efficient similarity search on large-scale vector data and provides scalability for growing data needs. You can ship your data to Pinecone for efficient storage and querying.

Pinecone API Key



  • Visit

  • Sign up for an account, if you haven't

  • On the left pane, click API Keys, to create a new one

Create Pinecone API Key

Create Pinecone API key

Create Pinecone Index


Pinecone Index

  • After creating your account
  • On the left pane, click on Index to create a new index
  • Input the following details to create an Index .
    • Index Name - Set your own Index Name, e.g index-name
    • Set Dimension to "1536"
    • Leave the rest of the information as default

Create pinecone index

What’s Next

After you've signed up for the providers you will want to setup your connectors