About Mantium

Who We Are

Mantium provides organizations with the tools needed to quickly build and manage powerful, responsible AI applications at scale. The Mantium platform is an end-to-end solution where teams can test, deploy, and monitor their AI systems, all with a low-code approach. We've baked in multiple governance measures, allowing our users more time to focus on their core offering. We fully believe that anyone should be able to leverage the power that large language models offer and, with Mantium, anyone can.

What You Can Do With Mantium

With Mantium teams can easily:

  1. Build complex AI applications and automations, with API access to a variety of models
  2. Instantly deploy AI and receive immediate feedback
  3. Monitor and review logs of input and output
  4. Fine tune models to improve performance
  5. Configure trigger events to pause processing
  6. Use Human in the Loop monitoring and get email and slack alerts
  7. Integrate with other services

With Mantium, users can immediately share their prototypes with members of their organization to elicit the feedback needed to refine their models. They can review the logs and fine tune models to improve performance and prepare for successful deployment. Mantium’s monitoring features allow users to set restrictions and trigger events that require human intervention. Mantium is continually developing new integrations that make it easy for companies to receive input for their AI systems and provide output for their chosen applications.

Responsible AI With Mantium

Safely deploying and building with large language models (LLMs) should be a top concern for everyone. Many LLM providers require that builders adhere to certain compliance requirements in order to go live with their application. While we are also committed to safety in AI, we believe that technological revolutions should be inclusive, and not just available to those that can program and build all those requirements from scratch. Our platform addresses this need and helps builders of all backgrounds enter the world of AI by offering pre-built features that allow for the safe deployment of applications built with large language models.