About Mantium

Who We Are

Mantium is a venture backed startup which delivers a cloud platform for building with large language models and managing them at scale. We've baked in multiple safety and security measures allowing our users more time to focus on their core offering. We fully believe that anyone should be able to leverage the power that large language models offer, and we believe that with Mantium, they can.

Who Is Mantium For?

Mantium provides both a UI and API to various large language providers Currently, we support AI21, Co:here, EleutherAI, and OpenAI.

With Mantium, users have access to:

  1. Monitoring and Logging
  2. Security policies
  3. One-Click Deploy
  4. Fine-tuning support (currently OpenAI only)
  5. Advanced workflows
  6. Human in the Loop
  7. Prompt Management

How Mantium Works

Safely deploying and building with large language models should be a top concern for everyone. While we fully believe this, we also believe that technological revolutions need to be inclusive to everyone, and not just those that can program. currently requires that builders using GPT-3 undergo a review process prior to launching their application. We believe this is a responsible stance by OpenAI, and after reviewing the requirements and talking to the community we decided to build a platform that addresses some of the more difficult aspects of safely launching a GPT-3 powered application. While it's easy to check a box next to a requirement such as "logging" it's more important that builders can easily review those logs, and can quickly identify problems.

Mantium wants the community focused on their core product offerings, and not spending months trying to build robust systems that provide Human in the Loop, Monitoring, Logging, etc.