CSV (.csv)

CSV files are supported by Mantium CSV Data Connector.


  • Data Import: Mantium's CSV Data Connector allows for the import of data from CSV files. This feature makes it easier for users to analyze and transform data contained in a CSV file.
  • Text Analysis: Mantium's CSV Data Connector can do a human-readable analysis of text data. With this connector, users can more easily extract particular content from a CSV file, such as comments or reviews.
  • Column Transformation: The CSV Data Connector from Mantium allows you to choose particular columns from a CSV file. Users can utilize this capability to analyze only certain data points and apply transformations to the column.
  • Data Transformation: Mantium's CSV Data Connector can be used with various data transformations available on the Mantium platform. This feature allows users to apply transformations such as sentiment analysis, text summarization, and more to the data in the CSV file.
  • Data Export: You can easily download transformed data as Mantium's CSV Data Connector supports the export of transformed data to a new CSV file. This feature allows users to save and share the results of their analysis.


It's important to note that Mantium's CSV Data Connector has a few limitations:

  • File Size: Mantium's CSV Data Connector may have limitations on the size of the CSV file that can be uploaded and processed. Large CSV files may require additional processing time or exceed the platform's file size limits.
  • File Format: Processing of TSV (Tab-Separated Values) files is not supported by Mantium's CSV Data Connector. The CSV Data Connector only accepts files with comma-separated values (CSV) in them. Before uploading a TSV file to the platform, users who want to analyze data in TSV format should convert it to CSV format.
  • Data Structure: The CSV file must have a well-structured format with consistent delimiters and column headers in order to work with Mantium's CSV Data Connector. Inconsistent CSV file formatting may prevent it from being processed effectively, necessitating further platform conversions.
  • Character Encoding: There can be restrictions on the character encoding that is supported for CSV files via Mantium's CSV Data Connector. For CSV files, UTF-8 encoding is advised in order to guarantee platform compatibility.


To use the CSV Data Connector in Mantium, follow these steps:

  1. Click Data Source on the left navigation bar to go to the Data Sources section.
  2. On the top right corner, select Add Data Source
  3. From the list of Data Sources, select the CSV Data Connector.
  4. Provide the necessary details to label the Data Source and wait for the job process to complete.
  5. Complete the data upload process, by uploading the file containing the data you want to analyze.
  6. Click the Finish and Sync button

After the CSV file has been uploaded, you can create a new dataset and use the Generate Text transformation to perform data transformations like sentiment analysis. The analysis results will be included in the dataset, which can then be exported to another CSV file for additional usage and sharing.

See an example of how to use the CSV Data connector