Connect your Mantium Account with Twilio

An initial step in building your application and deploying it via Twilio

The Mantium platform allows you to integrate with other third-party apps such as Twilio, Slack, and Email (with more to come!). This guide covers how to connect your Mantium account with the Twilio Messaging Service.

Mantium Account

Setup Twilio Account

Create an account with Twilio here. After signing up, fill out the Twilio product form, and select SMS product type to get a personalized product experience.

On your Dashboard, click on Get a phone number to get a Twilio phone number.

Twilio Account Credentials

To complete the integration on the Mantium platform you will need your Twilio credentials; Account SID , Auth Token and Twilio Messaging Service SID .

Navigate to your Twilio Dashboard , which is the first page after creating a Twilio account, to obtain your details. Here you will find your Account SID and Auth Token .


Messaging Service

To get your Twilio Messaging Service SID you will need to create a messaging service. Navigate to the Messaging tab on the left side, click on Services, and then Create Messaging Service.


Complete the service creation steps as shown below.

Step 1 - Input your Service Name, and select Notify my Users


Step 2 - Add a Sender’s Phone Number


Feel free to skip the remaining step, by clicking on Skip Setup on the bottom left.

The next page is the Properties page where you can copy your Messaging Service SID.


Twilio Integration

Now that you have all the details, Navigate to Integrations > Twilio > Add New Twilio Integrations on the Mantium Platform to manage your Twilio account credentials.


Fill in the form below to complete the integration process, and save the integration.


Congratulations! You are ready to go!